Major Scales and Keys


What is a major scale?

A major scale is a diatonic scale that has 5 tones and 2 semitones in each octave. When playing an ascending scale, two adjacent notes are often a tone apart. However at two points, per octave, they are a semitone apart. The semitones occur at the 3rd to 4th note, and 7th to 8th (or 1st) note. A major scales follow this tone/ semitone pattern.

Sound of Major Keys

Major keys usually have a “bright” or “happy” sound. This is in contrast to minor keys which have a more “mellow” or “sad” tone.

Happy Birthday song in Major Key

Here’s how Happy Birthday song will sound like in a major key.

Here’s Happy Birthday song in C Major:

Happy Birthday in C Major

Here’s Happy Birthday song in F Major:

Happy Birthday in F Major

Notice that for both Happy Birthday song written in major keys, they both have the bright and happy mood.

Happy Birthday song in minor key

Here’s how Happy Birthday song sounds like in a minor key:

Happy Birthday in F minor

Notice that the mood becomes more “mellow” and “mysterious” when played in minor key.

Major Keys and Scales

Here are a list of the major scales. Click on the key below to find more about each key and scale.

C Major

C# Major/ D♭ Major

D Major

E Major

E♭ Major

F Major

F# Major/ G♭ Major

G Major

A♭ Major

A Major

B♭ Major

B Major