Let Music Transcends Words with Canon in D


Music Transcends Words

From a commercial by Tosando Music of Japan

There are pieces of music that speaks my words for different period of time. When I listen to songs by Mayday (a Taiwanese band), they make me reminisce my school days, where my sister and I would listen to their songs while we study for exams. When I listen to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, it reminds me of my wedding. When I listen to Canon in D, it reminds me of my love of string instruments. How about you? Are there songs that speak part of your memories?

I was watching this Japanese Commercial by Tosando Music of Japan, and I was so touched. This video speaks it all. The video starts with the wedding. Then the compere invited the bride’s father up to say a message. Instead of saying anything, the bride’s father played a music piece — the version of Canon (by Johann Pachelbel). The bride begun thinking of the memories she had with her mom. Her mom loved this song and would play it. She also taught the bride this song on the piano when she was young. Some time back, her mom passed away, and the bride and her father became distant. One day, when his dad was walking home from work, he passed by a piano school, and became a student with the aim of playing this music piece. The video then came back to the wedding, with the dad playing the piece. Not perfect, but it brought back all the memories for the bride and the dad.

The message that I took from this video was that the dad was probably not good with words. But through playing this piece during the wedding, he was trying to convey a message – that the bride’s mom though not here anymore, is spiritually with her, and wished her a blissful wedding.

Not all of us are good with words. But sometimes, actions can speak louder than words. The commercials says it best. A shared piece of song could say a lot.

The commercial’s tagline says it best – Music Transcends words, and I would like to add another line – Play the song that resonates.

Music Transcends Words. Play the song that resonates.

Hey, if you are interested in a version of Canon in D, written for complete beginners, get these resources:

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